Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lazy Days

We have been pretty lazy the past few weeks around here. The weather has been miserable, just as it has been in most places, so we have stayed house bound as it is too cold and wet to be out in it! PS, there is a reason why we live in the south and one of the would be for the warmer weather. Last time I checked, today is March 3rd, yet it was snowing outside, but I digress. Gabby has been changing daily and it is awesome to see her accomplish new things. She has taken a liking to Sam and will watch his every move if he is around. He is pretty good with her considering she has started to grab his hair. She still isn't too interested in being on her tummy, so Grandma Mary found us a mirror that we can place on the floor with her. It is helping encourage longer tummy time and instead of flailing her arms and legs, she is more focused on pushing her head up for longer periods of time since she has a beautiful baby to view!
We try to hide Gabby from the TV, but sometimes she gets herself pretty comfortable on the couch and wants to be like Daddy. It's pretty funny to watch her. 

The other morning I was getting ready for work and had her on her playmat. She was on the other side of the room from the TV and was facing away from it. I was in the bathroom and I peeked out to check on her and she had turned herself around, sucking on her fingers and watching the morning news! She's a fan of Matt and Meredith on the Today Show! I now pull her even further around the corner of the bed to keep her focused on her own toys! I'm just amazed how quickly she is changing, growing and learning new things. It's a new surprise everyday!

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