Friday, August 7, 2009

We're on a Roll

Preparations are in full swing these days around our house. The big one is, the baby finally has a name! We have decided on Gabriella Elizabeth, and we will call her Gabby. I am so excited to finally have an official name for her!

Brian has been busy this week working on a closet organization system. He has yet to decide whether to build one, or shell out the dough for a fancy one, but in the end I know it will be wonderful! I think he will end up building it for the cost savings and it will probably look better than the expensive systems that are on the market! I'm looking forward to getting the closet done so I can wash some of Gabby's clothes and start putting things away.

Last night we spent an hour at the paint counter in Home Depot. Our paint consultant was awesome! He had a lot of patience with us as we made 2 custom colors for Gabby's room. One came out just right, as it was color matched from the Restoration Hardware paint. The other we wanted to be a few shades lighter and we had to work toward getting there. Four tries later, we had the color we were looking for.

Things are starting to come together and it is exciting to see them all happen! We are having a lot of fun preparing for Gabby! I am off to the doctor this afternoon for my 30 week check up. I am going every 2 weeks until 34/35 weeks and then weekly. We also have a consult with a pediatrician this afternoon, so a busy day ahead!

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