Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Shower & Cubs Game

This past weekend we went to Chicago to visit Brian's family, go to a few Cubs games and have our first baby shower. Tracy threw Gabby a beautiful shower where friends and family were so generous. She made and decorated two adorable cakes (I'll have to remember to post pictures) and had wonderful food. Brian drove home on Monday with quite the load of baby items that are currently residing in our living room! I started doing Gabby's laundry last night from the many items that were given to us and will hopefully start putting things away soon. Thank you Tracy for the awesome shower!

We also went to two Cubs games during our time in Chicago. I was planning on only going to one game because we had grandstand tickets one day and bleacher tickets the other and I did not want to sit in the bleachers in the hot sun at 31 weeks pregnant! Brian had made plans with his friends to sit in the bleachers thinking we had those seats on Friday. Someone forgot to check the actual tickets! The bleacher seat tickets were for Thursday. So, off we went on Thursday and we sat in the bleachers. I want it noted that I did not complain once and that I made it until the start of the 9th inning. The Cubs were losing so bad, there was no point in staying unfortunately. Friday was a much better day since our seats were in the grandstand in the shade. Plus, the Thunderbirds provided us and awesome show during their practice for the air and water show!

Brian and I had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. I'm sad, yet excited to say that this was my last trip before Gabby arrives. Scary to think she is that close to coming!

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