Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Life is constantly changing, for everyone I know, but it seems that things change in hyper-speed in our house. I don't want, or even need, to talk about everything going on, but I need to be sure to remember to be thankful for everything. The holiday season is a great reminder to every one of us to be thankful for all that we have, but we need to remember to do this year round. That can be hard to do because life's stresses get in the way, but I need to make it a goal of mine to remember daily what I am thankful for.

At this moment, on this day, I am thankful for:
1. A loving husband, who I adore.
2. A sweet, excitable, fun loving daughter.
3. A healthy pregnancy with baby boy arriving in February.
4. My health (a big one this year after being diagnosed with stage 1A melanoma).
5. We are employed.
6. A beautiful home to share with my family.
7. Supportive & loving parents.
8. Awesome friends who I can call on at a moments notice.
9. Food on our table and clothes in our closets.

On a lighter note - I have been in deep thought about this blog for a while. In fact, I have had a draft sitting here for a month that I keep changing as I go through this process. What do I want it to be? Does it have to really be anything at all? There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who have become 'experts' in different arenas and I don't think that is me (at least not yet). I don't even know what I want to blog about, be it my family, our home, general life, etc. It might be a little Seinfeld, but this is a blog about nothing, yet it is about everything. Does that make sense???? Bear with me as I work toward finding who I am through my keyboard!

My sweet girl and me
Love my family

She's a ham!

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