Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today Gabby and I went to register her for Mother's Day Out for the fall. While speaking with the director she asked if we would be interested in sending her for the rest of this year as the 1 year old classroom had 2 open spaces. As we are discussing this, Brian calls. He was getting ready to get on a plane, but he called. I took it as the first sign that this might be the right thing. Brian and I talked it through and Gabby will start school Monday. As in 5 days from now Monday. ACK!!!! I don't know if I am ready for this, but I am pretty darn sure she is. We visited the classroom this morning and she went right to the teacher and played for a few minutes. Pretty sure I'm going to drop her off on Monday and she won't notice the fact that I left. Makes a momma sad!

Please say a quick prayer for us and the poor teacher who will spend 10 hours a week with my super-active, won't sit still, and sometimes is a bully, sweet girl. She will need all the prayers she can get! Oh, and while you are at it maybe you could also say a quick one for her momma who is sad that her baby is old enough to go to MDO!

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  1. Sweet Gabby! I am so proud of you (and mommy) I know you will LOVE LOVE LOVE shcool. Cheers to you and your educational future, I ove you so much!