Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas & Chicago

We had a white Christmas! And what a wonderful Christmas it was! Santa was so good to Gabby and she is one very lucky girl. We woke up and had Christmas at our house, got ready and went over to my parents for Christmas, round 2!

After we spent Christmas day at home, we loaded the car and headed to Chicago. We left Christmas night and drove to Indy, spent the night, and made it the rest of the way the following day. It snowed from home to half
way through KY. Not fun. But we made it and we probably owe Elmo and Mickey a big thank you for entertaining Gabby!

We enjoyed spending a week in Chicago having Christmas round 3. We took Gabby sledding for the first time and Brian and I went to WI to try our hand at snowboarding. Brian is an avid skier. Me, not so much, so snowboarding wasn't a big change for me. We had a great time and were VERY sore the next day!

Like all trips, it was great to be there, but also wonderful to come home!! Happy New Year everyone!

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