Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Someone Has a Birthday Coming Up

Agh! Gabby's first birthday is TWO weeks away! How is it possible that an entire year has passed since her birth?!?! I'm not real sure where the time has gone, but boy what a year it has been. Gabby is definitely her father's daughter. It is so funny that she gets that same smile her daddy has when she is getting into trouble! She is mischievous, curious, joyful, and full of surprises. She is one of the busiest little girls I know. Most kids will sit and play. Not Gabby. She gets a toy and then she must circle the house 12 times holding onto said toy!

Gabby's vocabulary is expanding quickly! Her first word was Hi, followed by Mama, Dada, woof (yes she barks like a dog), dog, shoes, uh-oh and bus. I'm looking forward to hearing what her next word will be!

The next couple of weeks will be busy for us as we prepare for Gabby's party! We can't wait to post pictures!

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