Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Friends

Gabby and I recently traveled to Houston to visit Ryan, Katie and Avery and to help celebrate Avery's 1st birthday. I cannot believe she is 1 already! Time has flown by! Even though it was a very short weekend and we would have loved to have stayed longer, we are so glad we were able to spend time together and to celebrate. Avery and Gabby 'played' nicely together and I am sure they will be life long friends.

We took the girls in search of a bluebonnet patch to snap a few pictures. 200 pictures later, I think we got 20 or so good ones. During the process, poor Gabby face planted twice, but she was a great sport! She is a great sitter, but Gabby reaching for flowers +Hill = Face Plant.

And I must share a moment that I am sure Gabby will one day hope I forget. Katie took us to the airport and usually we both are in tears as we say good bye, but as I pulled Gabby out of the carseat, I noticed her pant leg was wet. I look at the back of her shirt and sure enough, it was wet and stinky too. She had a blowout! So, in the airport drop off lane, we strip her down in the back of the car, give her a bath with wipes and change her clothes. Poor kiddo! The best part was that Katie and I were laughing so hard that we didn't cry saying good bye! We had a great weekend together and can't wait to see them again soon!

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