Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Days

We had a wonderful Christmas! Gabby enjoyed looking at all of her new toys. I have put most of them away to bring out as she gets older. It will be like Christmas all over again! I got a new camera (that I love!) and am having so much fun capturing some of Gabby's best moments. I am looking forward to learning more about photography so that I can continue to capture those moments.
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Christy visited right before Christmas. After Christmas, Grandma Mary came to visit. We loved having everyone here and I know they all enjoyed spending time with Gabby. It was special for each of them to spend time with Gabby during her first Christmas. She is very much loved by all of her family! In a week, Gabby's great-grandma, great aunt and cousin are coming to visit. It will be a fun girls weekend!
We hope everyone had a great and safe New Year!

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