Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Months!

So Mommy is a little late with this post, but what's new??? Gabby, you are two months old! You weigh 10lbs. 15 oz. and are 22 inches long. You just started wearing 3 month size clothing and in fact still fit into a couple of your newborn things until last week. You are, for the most part, a serious baby, always observing your surroundings. You are very curious and stare intently on many things. You also smile a lot, which makes our hearts melt! You are trying to laugh and are also trying to reach for things around you, but have yet to realize that if you open your clenched fist you could grab an object. One of my favorite things is how vocal you have become. We hold many conversations these days and you also talk to the toys around you!

You are growing very quickly and are about to celebrate your first Christmas! Daddy and I are excited to begin our own family traditions with you. We aren't quite sure what the traditions will be - maybe driving around on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights. That might be a great place to start! Every day we have with you is a blessing and we love you very much!


Mommy & Daddy

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