Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dear Gabby,

Your seven weeks of life have been probably the best seven weeks of mine. There are no words for the way you have blessed my life. We have had a few rough moments in our short time together, but I cherish the bad moments as much as I do the good. Going back to work has been extremely difficult for me. I miss spending every moment with you. You are beginning to smile more frequently and when you do, it melts my heart. I look forward to seeing you each morning and evening hoping to catch a glimpse of your beautiful smile.

Things I want to always remember about this time of your life is the way your head fits perfectly into my neck when you are sleepy, the sound of you breathing, the smell of milk on your breath, the sounds you make while you sleep, and the way you look for me when you hear my voice. I have many favorite moments of our day, but my most favorite has become rocking with you in the evening. I can rock and stare at you for as long as I wish, and sometimes you stare back at me. Other times you are peacefully sleeping, but we are quiet together, just you and me.

You are my little peanut, my angel, our little princess.


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