Monday, October 19, 2009

One Week Old

The week has flown by, but happy one week birthday to Gabby! We are still in awe of her and still amazed that she is here. Her first week of life has been exciting for her. We have taken a few car rides to get out of the house, she has been visited by friends and today we will go to the pediatrician. She also has been a great eater and a pretty good sleeper. Our nights haven't been too fact we had our first "sleep through the night" (at least to us) night last night. She was fussy fron midnight til 2:00am and then she slept til 8:00am this morning. Mommy and Daddy appreciated that for sure!
We are so fortunate to have her! She is a true blessing to us and we can't believe how much love we have for her!
I'm not sure why the one picture won't turn the right way, sorry, but it is her one week photo!

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