Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 weeks

We have been pretty busy these last few weeks. Tom, Tracy and the kids stopped by for a weekend visit 2 weeks ago. We had a great time out on the lake with them. It was a quick visit on their way to SC to visit Tracy's family, but it was great to have them. Last weekend, Brian and I went out to CO to visit Jim and Christy. It was my first trip to CO and I have to say, the mountains are magical! We spent 2 days in the mountains, and then Christy and I had a wonderful time shopping around Boulder on Saturday while the guys golfed. We enjoyed our trip, the time spent with Jim and Christy and we look forward to going back to the mountains again.

We have quite a bit of travel coming up in the next 6 weeks or so. July is always a busy month because of the 4th of July and my Summer Meeting for work. After that we are headed to Florida for a week long vacation and then in August we are headed to Chicago. Just thinking about it wears me out...

On Monday I had my 24 week appointment at the doctor. Everything was healthy - peanut's heartrate is at 150/bpm and she is very active. It is fun to feel her move all the time. I also had my gestational diabetes test. That is one yucky drink - tastes like flat orange soda, a little thicker consistency than soda, and is 100% sugar. Needless to say I had a sugar high and then crashed! Fortunately, I don't have GD nor do I have anemia, so all is well!

Have a great 4th of July!


  1. Thank God you don't have the sugers like me! Ha!

  2. just to think i draw people's blood for that test all the time